6 hints your Brand looks Unprofessional

Branding is Not just your business Logo, Colour combinations, and Font selection. If we think of your brand as a person, it can help to define a personality-Both internal & External, but it does help everyone within your Business to better understand how your brand works and behaves.

6 hints your Brand looks Unprofessional

Do you wonder if your business branding looks professional enough?

If you are, this article is for you to find out what mistakes you are making and how to get over them. 

Just to make things clear, this article is not about Logos, Colours and Fonts. Branding is Not just your business Logo, Colour combinations, and Fonts selection. 

If we think of your brand as a person, it can help to define a personality-Both internal & External,  but it does help everyone within your company to better understand how your brand works and behaves. 

This article is about 6 things that make your Brand to be perceived as unprofessional, other than your business logo, colours, and fonts..

Pro Tip

Even Before we Start Designing any Website we Research and Develop Lead Generation Strategy tailored for your Brand and Niche

Brand identity and Web design

1. lack of Strategy In your website design

1. there is No Strategy In your website design 🙄

A strategic web designer/Agency will not jump to design right away, with out the discovery Phase. The web designer needs to ask you many questions to make sure they are aware of the following 

  • Profound discovery process to figure out your brand mission, vision, brand values, vibe and ideal customer persona , brand Voice and so on…
  • Diagnosing any problems that need fixing (especially vital when you’re re-branding your existing business),
  • Creating a clear and  consistent design & messaging  to all brand touch-points (where your customers get in contact with your brand)

How to get over it?

Hire Agencies Or the  web designers who understand that strategy is the key and will not start designing anything before they go through this process with you. 

Well, There’s a whole science behind colours & Fonts, However as we said there is much more to a website than just Logos , colours and Fonts , which  is” Messaging” . 

If Your messages on your website are right, it will reach your Ideal Customer. 

Brand voice & Environment

2. Inconsistent Brand


Voice and tone of your written content go a long way towards your audience. Are you highly formal and very Informal? Simple and to the point, ? Sassy and risky, huh? .

Brand voice is where you really channel that personality we’ve talked about, and it should always sound the same, even when the subject matter, the media channel, or the person writing the content changes.

3. Inconsistent Brand Environment


These are things that are not included in the more literal checklist items that we are  discussing. Brand’s environment is more about where and how your brand lives.

The best branded environments must tell a powerful story about what a brand stands for. It must be well-coordinated with website Strategy design, brand strategy, and Logos. 

This must be done in a way considering how and why people use the space, Expect your users’ needs at every turn, considering the messaging they might already be hearing in other mediums and that evokes the emotions they should be feeling.

Pro Tip:

For an audience to begin to love your brand, their experience needs to feel consistent, like a (very cool) person they’re getting to know.

“If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”



Pro Tip:

Be personal: People deal with computers and machines all day; they crave connections with other people. 

The more personal you can be with them through your small business website, the more they will trust you.

Brand Clarity

4. Lack of brand clarity & Brand Consistency


Do you Feel like you’re a bit confused , you don’t know how to present your brand perfectly? 

You’re wondering how to appeal to your ideal audience? Who is your audience apart from their sex and age group?  

This sort lack of clarity about your brand will show up in your Marketing as well. You might  have trouble connecting with, or even attracting, your ideal clients first.

If you’re unsure who exactly do you want to attract and why, your message will end up being too vague for anyone to resonate with. 

So, without brand clarity, you can’t create a strong brand or even a brand identity (visuals). Even the most beautiful website design is NOT going to fix this for you.

5. Lack of Brand Consistency

BRAND Consistency:🤨

Consistency issues always come from one simple thing: no clear strategy

Most likely, you haven’t gone through the process of creating a strong brand foundation. Your visuals are just a reflection of that.

To create a strong brand, you first need to do your homework:

1. Figure out your brand values, Vision, and mission
2.Discover the personality and atmosphere of your brand
3.Get to know your perfect customer avatar 4. Create your Brand story to tell your Ideal Customers.

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Brand Promise

6.Misused brand Promise!!

What if there is a conflict  between how people view your brand and what is your brand really is? 

For Instance,  let’s say  you are Creating  FOMO( fear of Missing out) for your New Service offer in your brand’s Advertisement. 

People are keen to buy because 1. The offer is really good and worth the Money 2. Fear of loosing out the good offer. 

However, after 15 days of the advertisement , your offer is still existing on your website/On your social media Posts.

Well, you’re going to lose trust and just frustrate people who bought from you because your advert said its going to close out in 7 days!! 

When you’re promoting anything with a “FOMO” or in any other way Keep up the promises made in your promotions to your Customers. 

Pro Tip:

If your products/services are outstanding and you’re talking about how premium your services are but your website offers a really bad user experience…people are disappointed. 

Premium products and services and bad website experiences do not go together.

“Products are made in a factory but brands are created in the mind

Final Thoughts!


Your brand is so much more than professional design, or even a logo or Fonts …

It’s recommended to always start with a strong foundation of values, Mission clarity and Consistency. 

If you do your homework and invest your time, energy and money into creating a great experience for your audience, you’ll be able to finally do your awesome work justice

You’ll create a brand that’s professional ,memorable  and makes people love your Brand and spread the word about your service/product around as well.

Over to You:

Was this helpful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!. If you like it share it!

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