Tips to Create Brand Strategy for Service-based Local Business

Tips to Create Brand Strategy for Service-based Local Business
Tips to Create Brand Strategy
Div Acharya-Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Strategist
Div Acharya-Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Strategist

I'm Div , Girl behind these blogs. I come with a passion for blogging and Digital Marketing. Favourite things include my iPhone, Designer bags, and my pet doggo .

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Brand Strategy for Service Business-Professional Services..

While it is true that Not all businesses have the high marketing budgets as some of the High -end brands like Gucci, Nike or Apple have to ‘live’ their  brand strategy and deliver it to market. 

But, Every business, regardless of size, or Industry can learn from how seriously work on their Business branding. 

So, let’s go over some fundamentals before delving into why and how brand strategy is implemented.
For a variety of reasons, branding a service Business  differs from branding a product, Reasons being:

  • Products are manufactured where as services are Delivered.
  • Products are used ,where services are Experienced.
  • Products are physical and Tangible , whereas services are Emotional.

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What is a Brand

A “brand” is those elusive feelings that distinguishes powerhouses from mediocre businesses. Your brand is your company’s overall reputation. 

Marketing is the vehicle that conveys customer-facing messages through various channels, as directed by your branding strategy. 

Your product or service is the physical item that your customers purchase. Your website is an important component of your marketing strategy.

Customers visually connect with you through your logo. Your name is just that, a name.

So, What is Brand Strategy for a service Business?

A brand strategy  is the Objective that a company sets for how they want people to perceive them. 

It should also include the strategy or road map that will be used to achieve the goals of emotionally connecting with target audiences your niche.

Does My Service Business NEED A BRAND STRATEGY?

Brand strategies are not created and implemented solely to provide a company with visually appealing marketing materials. 

Businesses and organisations invest time and money in developing brand strategies in order to have a plan in place to work towards achieving the business goals they set for themselves. 

These objectives could range from attracting top talent to improving employee and customer engagement, increasing sales, awareness, and profitability, among other things. Improved brand Strategy is one method for achieving these goals.

Read this book to get on your Business Online Marketing

Marketing: Theory, Evidence, Practice

Must Read Branding Book

Book of Branding: a guide to creating brand identity for start-ups and beyond

What is Brand Building?

Brand building is defined as creating awareness about your company through strategies and campaigns with the goal of creating a distinct and long-lasting image in the marketplace. 

A positive image combined with the ability to stand out equals brand success. Branding can be divided into three stages:
For Instance: 

  1. Brand Strategy
  2. Brand Identity & Brand Positioning
  3. Brand Marketing

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy will outline how you are unique, trustworthy, memorable, and likeable to your ideal customer. It will convey your mission, promises, and how you solve people’s problems. 

When building a brand from the ground up, this is THE FIRST STEP (whether you are just starting or already established).

You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, would you? It’s the same with your company’s brand.

An effective and comprehensive brand strategy should include the following components as part of the process:

  • Brand discovery
  • Competitor research
  • Target audience
  • Brand voice
  • Brand message & story

Brand Marketing-Use Power of Story telling…

In-order to to remain relevant and interesting in your service industry, you can stay true to your heritage while updating your look and feel.

The power of storytelling cannot be ignored especially in a service Industry space. 

Clearly communicating the next chapter in your company’s future helps to bring your clients and team along for the ride, allowing them to buy in and develop genuine connections to your enterprise. For Instance…
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Professional services branding take-out

1.Find a unifying cause that gives the brand a purpose and brings sub-brands together under a single unifying lens.
2.Take an active role in communicating the brand’s cause by publishing content and providing thorough leadership in your niche.
3.Ensure that the perspective and cause are consistent across brands and geographies.
4. Continue to make noise in your industry to remind current and potential customers to choose your brand over the competition.
5.Find new ways to remind internal and external audiences( Employees and Customers)about your brand values when managing professional services firms. 

This assists professional services firms in overcoming the challenges of consolidating brand identity and  Brand positioning.

Brand Positioning

Service Businesses usually only have a few touch-points. Some of the digital Touch-point include:

  • Business card
  • Website, email marketing and advertising
  • Brochures and Sales Flyers
  • Trade show booths and banners

Make sure that all of them reflect how you want your brand positioned and perceived. 

If every brand touchpoint a customer could have contact with is effective and “on-brand” you’ll have a better chance of having a prospect make that emotional “leap of faith” and do business with you.

ByDivAcharya Approach can assist your service business with the Digital Touch Points to Showcase your Business Voice and articulate what your brand Stands for.

You are your company’s brand. If you can’t clearly articulate what your brand stands for, it’ll be difficult to persuade prospective customers to choose your company over the competition. 

Branding services can assist you in identifying your core values and packaging those values in a message that resonates with your target audience.

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ByDivAcharya Approach

ByDivAcharya Approach

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Div Acharya
Div Acharya

I'm Div , Girl behind these blogs. I come with a passion for blogging and digital Marketing. . Favourite things include My fam, My Mac, iPhone, bags, and my pet doggo .

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