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How much does It cost to Start Blogging

Costs Involved in starting a Blog 

  1. Hosting
  2. Domain
  3. WordPress Theme

How Lon it takes for SEO to Kick in for a nee Blog sote

AS per Our Experience , Google starts Recognizing Brand new blog site( without any Authority) in 6-8 Months time.

For some Niches it can happen earlier, it depends on your Search engine Research and also how saturated the Niche is.

Is Hosting Expensive?

No. Not all .

With BlueHost and Siteground You can start you Blog Biz as Low as $ 4.06 a Month,

Is SEO for Blogging is hard?

It could seem hard If you are New to SEO and Blogging.

Check out our SEO Guide for Beginner Blogger”Is SEO important for blogs ; SEO blog post checklist you’ll thank me for


Can I Learn SEO My self for my Blogging Business?

Well, We’ve also been asked this question  a lot of time.Our Answer is yes you can but there is a Quite bit of Learning cure.

Check Out our Blog: can I Learn SEO by myself


Can You Setup a Niche site for me?

Yes Indeed we can:

We can set up your Domain name, Hosting & WP theme , Plugins  & Nominal Theme Customization and start with 15 Blogs in your Niche with in a span of 3 weeks.

However, You want blog yourself , we can Setup the Blog site for you with in 2 Hrs of time over the Zoom.

Also Check out My  Free 7 day Blogging course for FREE! If you want to do Everything Yourself!


What do I need to set up a Niche Website

Blog site Setup: You ‘ll need domain, Hosting and a Pro-WP theme to start with your Blog site. 

SEO takes time. Period.As the Google is marketing a way to your new website, you can Indeed start marketing your blog with social media handles, networking etc…

Marketing your Blog: Also, You’ll need canva( Is free ), Pinterest account, Social Handles for your new blog for your marketing.

What skills do I need to start Blogging

How can I earn Money Blogging as a Beginner Blogger

How do Other Successfyl Bloggers Earn Money

Should I be using WordPress for Blogs?

Yes! we prefer WordPress. All Our websites and Client webiates are creating using WordPress and Genesis Framwork for theme.

Is getting Traffic to my website is hard?

Can I Leave my day JOB after Starting Blogging Business

Sure you can. That is only after you start earning atleast 3/4 of you your day Job was earning per month.

How to Leave your 9-5 job and start Blogging to make money

When should I leave my day job and strat getting Income from Blogging

Is Bloggign as Lucratuve Business?

Yes It Is!

Blogging Business my journey and How started Blogs and making 5 figures a moth as passive Income.


What if I am Not a Good Blog writer?Can i still Blog?

Yes you OR you can Outsource the writing work.

Are you Ready to Start your Blogging business?

Can I setUP Blog website myself?

Yes you can. If you are aware of how to do it , You can setup Yourself. Here is the Free 7 day Blogging course eBook Download 


If you are not able to do it Yourself , We do have 90 Min 1-on-1 Blog set up session that helps you setup Yourself with our help.

You can Purchase the 1-on-1 Blog setup here


What Are Niches That Make More Money?​

AVOID Niches  like Food , recipe, Lifestyle  etc as they are too saturated.

Also, try to avoid Niches like Heal, Finance etc as these are YMYL niches that needs a Lot of EAT to get google showing your website on the 1st page.

So, You can get in to many niches Like 

Pets( a particular breed), Golfing,Fishing,Gardening, Etc.. depending on what you love to write about.

I have an eBOOK about Niches to avoid and Niches to go for. I have compiled 110 Niche ideas that can make money  . If you need more information , Contact me at


If you are not able to do it Yourself , We do have 90 Min 1-on-1 Blog set up session that helps you setup Yourself with our help.

You can Purchase the 1-on-1 Blog setup here


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