How do I generate more leads for my business?

How to generate consistent leads for your service business? Many successful Service based business owners are always looking for new ways to increase their customer base and grow their businesses. However, business growth can be a difficult and time-consuming process....
How do I generate more leads for my business?

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of gaining the attention of potential buyers in order to maximise future sales is known as lead generation. It is an important part of many companies’ sales processes.

Many successful Service based business owners are always looking for new ways to increase their customer base and grow their businesses. However, business growth can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Having a steady stream of leads is one of the most important aspects of growing a business. A lead is a person, or a business if you sell to other businesses (B2B), who is interested in the services you are offering..

Here are some pointers for developing a system that will assist you in identifying sales leads in your small business and converting them into customers with the proper focus and effort.

How to generate consistent leads for your service business?

Lead Generation Strategies for your Service Business

1. Consistent High-Quality Content

One of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, bring Traffic and get more leads, while providing relevant and useful content to your target audience is via consistent High quality blogging.

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For small-Medium service based companies, blogging is an inexpensive way to drive traffic to their website, boost inbound marketing activities, and draw more customers. Nearly 80 percent of businesses that use blogging as part of their marketing strategy reported gaining clients via their blogging activities, according to a recent inbound marketing survey. In addition, 85 percent of companies agree that blogging is important to their businesses.

This article outlines the importance of Business Blogging and how it can boost revenue for your Business.

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2. Optimise your Website for conversion

Every Niche or the service has a specific needs when it comes to its Business website.

No matter your practice style, your dental marketing strategy starts with a high-converting dental website design. We listen to what makes you unique, then translate that into a custom design that persuades more new patients to choose you.

Dominate your online competition with simple yet original dental marketing strategies and custom dental website design proven to work! Digitallydiv   Marketing Agency  creates custom, Google-friendly dental websites.

To get the results you’re looking for you need a  responsive and Leads generating website service, not a static website product. Our dental website service not only gives you an appealing custom designed website but also keeps your website to be Google compliant. This is highly important for your dental business to rank high on Google.

“A successful website does three things:
It attracts the right kinds of visitors.
Guides them to the main services or products you offer.
Collect Contact details for future ongoing relations.

3. Be Active on Pinterest- Consistent Pin

Pinterest for your service Business? Yes! It can be an effective social marketing tool.

When it comes to social media marketing, most dentists do not consider Pinterest. However, recent surveys have revealed some surprising results, making Pinterest the ideal tool for your marketing campaign.Plus, Pinterest is Mostly used by women and According to research, women make 90% of all dental purchasing decisions

According to the study, compared to 17 percent of Facebook users who visit the site for buying inspiration, nearly 70 percent of Pinterest users do. More than 43% of Pinterest users prefer to connect with businesses and professionals through the site, whereas only 24% of Facebook users do. It is important to note, from the standpoint of a dental practise, that users do not use Pinterest solely for retail purchases. 

The average Pinterest user is interested in using the site to find the best solutions and services, including dentists and Vets.

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4. Create a Sales Funnel

Once you’ve determined who you want to reach and how to reach them, you’ll need a strategy for gathering contact information. The first step is to direct all prospects to a standard form or landing page that encourages them to share their contact information in exchange for a free gift, coupon, sample, or any value-added incentive.

At this point, a customer relationship management (CRM) database is essential for keeping track of potential customers throughout the process.

5.Get Email ids of your Website Visitors-Use an Email Newsletter to Build Relationships

Now that you’ve made contact with prospects, it’s time to nurture those relationships so you can move them from the lead stage to a sale (and, hopefully, a repeat sale!). An email newsletter is one of the best ways to maintain consistent communication with your prospects.

While developing your email marketing strategy, make sure you are aware of and comply with the CAN-SPAM Act regulations.

6. Google Ads -target the Demographics

Yes, everyone should floss regularly and go to the dentist for annual cleanings. In truth, most people don’t. In Google Ads, you can target different demographics based on gender and Income level. Most of ladies would love to have their teeth whitening or any other dental procedures. 

“If You Think Math is Hard Try Web Design

7. Re-Marketing Ads

Re-marketing is often referred to as “cool and happy money.” It assists you in reaching people who have previously visited your website or practise by serving specific ads aimed at re-capturing those potential customers. 

If you collect email addresses at your service business, you can use them with Customer Match on Google Ads and Facebook! Simply upload the email addresses to create a re-marketing audience and create an ad that will entice Look alike Audiences to return to your Business.

8. Be Active on Facebook & LinkedIn Groups

A Facebook groups and LinkedIN Groups can have many different purposes depending on the topic or objective: branding, positioning your company as a leader in its sector, customer service channel, entertainment, mastermind, etc. 

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In a nutshell , there are 3 general and common factors that provide an answer to the question of what Facebook & LinkedIN groups are for?

  1. Share information and keep in touch with other members of the group
  2. Generate content or see content published by other members
  3. Communicate with other members through the internal chat

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

9. Quick Facebook Post Boost

What is Facebook Post Boost?

A boosted post is a post on your Page’s timeline to which you can put money in order to boost it to a specific audience. This is the most basic method of advertising on Facebook. Boosted posts differ from Facebook ads in that they are not created in Ads Manager and do not have the same level of customisation.

When you boost a post, it will appear as an ad in your target audience’s Facebook News Feed. Instagram can also be used as an ad placement for your boosted post. You can choose an existing post on your Page’s timeline and boost it with just a few clicks. 

When you boost a post, you’re informing us of three things:

  • Who you want to reach: You’ll select a target audience of people with whom you want to connect.
  • Your maximum budget is: You’ll tell us how much money you want to spend over the course of your campaign.
  • How long you want your ad to run: When you click Boost and your ad is approved, people in your target audience will see it in their News Feed for the duration that you specify.

10.Optimise your Google My Business

Don’t forget the power of Local SEO. By Now you must be having your GMB claimed and Optimised with appropriate NAP across all the channels. If you have Not done yet, Read our Blog to find to out how to Optimise GMB.

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Do the following on a regular basis with your GMB account.

  • Post Regularly On GMB
  • Keep your NAP (Name , address and Ph: number) consistent across all the channels Including social channels
  • Provide Details about all the services, price-point  and Your Office Or Business Opening Hours
  • Provide any offers or promotions ( Like any seasonal Discount for services etc)

11.Facebook Ads – Demographic Targeting

Facebook has an insane amount of demographic targeting available, and you can take advantage of it. Aside from the obvious, you can also target potential customers based on their language, relationship status, employment, income, and interests. According to research, women make 90% of all dental purchasing decisions. Make sure you’re in front of the crowd by targeting ads to women in your area who have recently purchased children’s clothing.

12. Cold calls and Cold emails

Last But not the least-Cold calls and Cold Emails. I have placed both in One section because many Business Owners are not comfortable with Cold calling, I get it. I am too. So, cold emailing is  the Tried and Tested formula to get more Leads for your Service Business.

Pro-Tip: Make your emails as natural as possible. Make it look like a Friend offering help rather being too salesy in your approach.

“Responsive Web Design always plays an important role whenever going to promote your website.”

Wrapping Up!

Being a good professional does not necessarily make you a successful service Business  . Marketing —and more importantly, appropriate Web design, SEO & Marketing Strategy—are the key to success.

If you haven’t seen the growth you would like in your service business yet, and you are keen to begin the journey soon, then the Div Digital  Agency may be a good fit. We Help Service-Based Business Owners Like You Nail your Business content That Will Refine Your Message, Generate More Clients And Boost Your Profits

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