Good website design Vs Bad- Be able to Differentiate

Let's be real!– there are good websites, and there are bad websites. but it's really interesting to try to unpack why a website is good or bad. And in this Artcle, we will try to do that.

Good website design Vs Bad

What inherently makes a website ‘good’ or ‘bad?’ What kind of changes can a great site take and make it a messy user experience?

Web design is much more objective than you think to answer your question. 

Although you can combine endless elements of the website and features, a plan beginning with the user experience will determine the best flow.

We have analyzed many ( informative, and niche-specific) website examples, some are with fantastic design in general and some of them are really resourceful. Here is how to distinguish between a good and a wrong site.

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The website is design is not just about how it looks also about how well it works. 

I would say it is the balance between the appearance of the website and How well it works (I.e is it getting enough traffic, Bounce rate , how long users are sticking on the website etc etc and converting the visitors to leads/new Customers)

So, so how does bad websites look like and How to Correct them

What is a Good Design and a bad design

What is bad about the design?

1. Pages are not clean and not well-defined and Not adding interest- instead, it’s distracting to the eyes.

Pages should be clean and well-defined adding interest instead of detracting. The pages must be Intuitive, easy find navigation is important to the good user experience.A clean, visually appealing layout and the interface is easier for users to digest. 

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Fonts should be applied consistently without using multiple types, sizes, and colors. A site with a high level of fluency will feel familiar enough that visitors don’t need to waste mental effort finding the right product or button and can instead focus on why they’re on your site.

A Google study had two important Findings:

1.Web sites are assessed by users as beautiful or unbeatable within 1/2 to 1/20 of a second.

2.Websites with visual complexity are consistently described as less beautiful than their easy counterparts.

Website must capture Visitors attention:
It really affects the whole user experience what happens above the fold. For visitors to decide whether they are going to stick around on their site it takes only 0.05 seconds. 

This first impression count, therefore, and you must take care of it! High-quality pictures, good typography, and coherence in your design are important to include. Clutter will detract only visitors from your website and force them to click.

2. Websites are Not mobile Friendly

Mobile-friendliness is key in 2021 and beyond as search engines shift their focus toward smartphone devices.

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The significant question for most business people is whether to make a website mobile, or whether to apply for their products or services. Here are six reasons why your website should be mobile-friendly if you think about it.

1. The website has a more mobile-friendly design: Mobile users reach the web at any location they need. 

The main reason they view the web from mobile phones is that they need it right now and that they do not have a desktop PC or a laptop available. 

A non-mobile website can push guests to give up and look for another, more useful site..

2. User experience enhanced: When a site is visited from a mobile device or tablet, it switches from a uniform design into a vertical configuration, which displays content and images differently. 

The website design Responsive (RWD) checks the website to correctly fit into the gadget screen, contracting the photos and content sizes instead of keeping the structure constant. 

This programmed adjustment, therefore, enhances the user experience by offering a less complex navigation method for the website.

3. Google rankings on a mobile enhanced site: As per a few reports that approximately 96 percent of internet users are searching for something on Google at any point in time. 

Therefore, all websites hit their SEO to show in Google’s first search results. 

One urgent step towards improving a website is to create a responsive website composition because Google identifies in general whether a website is mobile friendly and supports it when search results are shown.

3. CTA’s are not Identifiable

CTA’s, or calls-to-action, should be easily identifiable and guide users to take the next step of your marketing sales to funnel. 

In telling your readers or site visitors what to do next, CTA’s are extremely important. 

The call for action may be different depending on the type of website and what your action is. Some examples of common CTAs are presented here.

 If an offer description or compelling CTA exists around the button that leads users to click on it, button CTAs work best. It is best to educate your readers or provide them with something worthwhile before you ask them to click.

Coincide with what you offer users on the next page. 

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The goal in the copy below of CTA is to get users interested in the following pages so that they are curious enough to click it. With what is behind the button, you want to tempt the reader

The most effective call to action buttons are ones that leverage human psychology. The colour, size, shape, button text, and placement all need to be considered and work well together. 

Here are a few tips for effective CTA buttons:

Colors that contrast will stand out to the eye. So, You can use colours that will evoke emotion:
1. Red evokes passion, excitement, and urgency
2. Orange encourages immediate action
3. Yellow grabs attention and is optimistic
4. Green means “go” and is easy for our brains to process
5. Blue creates trust and a sense of security
6. Purple is calming and soothing
7. Pink is romantic and seen as feminine
8. Black is sleek and used for luxury

5. Websites Do not share Brand Story

Every site should have a purpose and tell a story; the design should flow around that purpose and story. 

The Website must Provide thoughtful and interesting content to rank well in search engines.

Your company needs a story too – good words explaining why you do what you do. 

A hook that helps people to remember, understand and talk to others about you. 

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You can pretty much guarantee if you cannot explain what you do simply, that nobody can do it.

Without a story, a web project rapidly becomes just a design. What images do we use? We don’t know, because we don’t know what we’re trying to say. 

What content do we need? Couldn’t tell you, because we’re not sure what the message is. How should the copy sound? Not entirely sure as we’re not clear on who we’re talking to.

1.If you want (and, of course you want) a website which inspires confidence, WHY has to be as clear as WHAT. WHY explains stories.

2.Stories help people quickly understand, and in the digital world speed is essential.

3.Stories stay much better in the memory than facts unlinked.

4. You are at risk of slipping into stock shot territory without originality and purpose. 

You can stock Pics but make sure that you also use Authentic Real life Pictures of your team, office, and so on especially on your About us page

Along with the Home page, the About us page is the most visited page of a website.

4.No Lead magnets

First of all, you cannot achieve your marketing goals without effective lead generation. 

Leads are transformed into sales that fuel overall sales and targets.

According to a survey conducted by HubSpot, over 60% of marketers say that lead generation is the main challenge, while 69% say that leading is converted into sales. Marketers are therefore aware of the importance of lead production. 

As it is known, different types of lead magnets are used but, unless the prospects provide specific information the marketer is trying to collect, guidance, reports, and tip sheets are most common. 

If the leading magnet uses an email address, name or any other information with a free resource or guideline, the purpose is clear. In the next part of the sales funnel, the marketer then uses the contact information to push the prospect to make a purchase. 

This kind of lead magnet generally works by encouraging people to access your Business’s unique content.

6. They are Not Interactive, secure, and Engaging

The aspect of your website’s user experience should be taken into account during design and construction. 

The creation of a website that creates a creative involvement will get the user’s attention and lead them further into your site that is completing conversion goals along with your site calls for action.

The interactive web design includes so much more with today’s website capabilities. 

Interactive production elements, such as pages displaying scrolling, animations, and videos, load on order. Today, when you design and build a new website, there is very little left off.

7. SEO Not done well Or Not done at all !!

 Well, it’s important to adjust your SEO strategy to meet your objectives. Maintain rankings on valuable keywords, so when demand returns, you’re in front of your competitors. 

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