5 Mistakes that stop you from growing your service business

5 Mistakes that stop you from growing your service business

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5 Mistakes that stop you from growing your service business

As a Service based business Owner You probably heard many advices, when it is about  scaling/growing your service business. Many advices like …. Build your e-mail list , create a lead magnet, Your Services are Too cheap .. You’ll make more money, if you increase your prices.And, add some more High Ticket services to make more money and so on…… so that you can serve many people and expand your business more quickly.

Now, all of these strategies work when they are well implemented and right for your business phase.

It is sometimes more important not to concentrate on what you should do… Instead, you Must Look at what mistakes you are doing now that is stopping you from Growing your service Business.

Many Business owners don’t even realise they make these mistakes most of the time. Or these mistakes prevent them from Growing their Service business.

But the good news is that these mistakes can be fixed easily!

You will find five very common marketing  errors as you read the blog below. And instead, what you can do to (Pro-Tips)remove these barriers and start to grow your company.

5 Mistakes that stop you from growing your service business

1.Service Business growth mistake #1: No Brand Stratgey

If you market your company across many platforms and feel stretched. Or if you market yourself as someone who can help your customers with a variety of solutions and services… 

Then you make this first mistake that is you Do not have a Brand Strategy

Brand strategies are not created and implemented solely to provide a company with visually appealing marketing materials. 

Businesses and organisations invest time and money in developing brand strategies in order to have a plan in place to work towards achieving the business goals they set for themselves. 

These objectives could range from attracting top talent to improving employee and customer engagement, increasing sales, awareness, and profitability, among other things. Improved brand Strategy is one method for achieving these goals.

The main thing about branding is that It works best when You: 1.Get your messages to the right Audience (your target market) 2.The correct solution (your signature service) 3.Timing and location (your selected marketing channels)

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Pro-Tip:If you think you are making this mistake and your service business is not growing – Then you must take a step back and work on your branding strategy more specifically:

1.Select a target market with which you would like to work
2.Create a signature service for which you are known
3.Choose a main marketing channel to communicate

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2. Service Business growth mistake #2: the focus is NOT on your signature service

Have you ever wondered how some people have a waiting list and clients who are desperate to work with them? Or how some people can command top dollar for what they do, even if it doesn’t appear to be much different from what you’re doing?

When it comes to their services, it all comes down to authority or a certain level of swagger. 

And this kind of assurance or the confidence does not come from offering seven different types of services, being everything to everyone, or having an offering that almost anyone else in your industry can pull off.

If you find yourself struggling to stand out, a signature service is a game-changer and will help you attract more of the right clients to your door. 

Plus, it helps you create a service that’s productised so it’s much easier to deliver, and ultimately more profitable for your business in the long run.

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3. Service Business Growth Mistake #3: Your website is not designed to Convert

Your Website Needs To Do More Than Look Good, And Our Design Approach Work In Ways That Bring You More Clients And Anchor Your Position As A Top-Notch Business In The Market. 

However, Many service Business websites are just an Online Bill board they don’t do a thing!

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We suggest, every service business must have A Conversion-Ready website , that is  built to make sure you receive the Maximum return(ROI) on your other marketing efforts, such as Google ads or social media Ad campaigns. It must prioritise content over technical design. 

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Read this book to get on your Business Online Marketing

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4. Service Business Growth Mistake #3: Poor Communication

Do you ever feel like you’re invisible to your target market?Or that it’s impossible to build an email list or a social media following these days? One of the main reasons you may feel this way is that your message is simply not getting through to those you are attempting to reach.

There could be two major reasons for this… For starters, your company name, job title, or marketing messaging may be too confusing.

 You may not even be aware of this, but you can double-check by asking others if they can describe what you do and who you assist.  Second, you may not be communicating effectively with your target audience.

Pro-Tip:For service businesses, we recommend producing one  or two pieces of core content per week to help you get your message out there and position yourself as an expert. This content could include: 

A blog post or podcast episode every week or Every week, your group will watch a Facebook live video at the same time. or A weekly video training or tip series on YouTube.

5. Service Business Growth Mistake #3: Using the wrong Marketing Channels

Marketing channels are simply the various platforms and tactics available for communicating with customers and consumers. 

Being deliberate in your approach to determining the most appropriate channels will not only save you time, but it will also save you money and make you appear more authentic and effective.

It is just as important to choose the right channels as it is to share the right content. It is not only what you say, but also how and where you say it that is important. If the channel does not reach your target audience, even if it is the most recent trend, you should not jump on board.

Ask yourself the following questions to determine channel fit:

  • Does the channel reach my Target audience?
  • Is the channel affordable and sustainable given my company’s overall marketing budget?
  • Is the channel well received by my target customer?
  • Does the channel allow me to provide the message or visual I need to get across?
  • Will I be able to measure the channel’s success?
  • Do the channels I am considering work together to align my message?

Pro-Tip: Before making a marketing investment, it’s also a good idea to assess how well you’re doing with the channels you already have in place and score potential channels. This includes the following: 

  • Examining the performance of currently used channels
  • Other potential channels are being evaluated for market fit, customer fit, and potential returns.
  • Choosing a new channel mix and putting measurements in place to determine appropriateness and Return on Investment

    Read this Book- Marketing Channels

Wrapping up: Want to grow your service business sooner?

If you haven’t seen the growth you would like in your service business yet, and you are keen to begin the journey soon, then the Div Digital Agency may be a good fit.

We Help Service-Based Business Owners Like You Nail The Website That Will Refine Your Message, Generate More Clients And Boost Your Profits

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