Why Business Blog or Blogging Business?- The Importance of Business Blogging for your Website

Why Business Blog Or Blogging Business ?The Importance of Business Blogging for your Website
Why Business Blog Or Blogging Business ?The Importance of Business Blogging for your Website

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Importance of Business Blogging for your Website Niche.

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Difference between Business Blogs and personal Blogs

What are the Benefits of Business blogging

If you are unaware of what a business blog is,  this post, “What Is Business Blogging Or Blogging Business”? should set you all updated. if you’ve only recently started your business, check out this post “why do you need a website for your business.

Where the Internet is about availability of information, blogging is about making information creation available to anyone.”-George Siemens


1.Great Boost To Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Many of the major search engines love fresh and relevant content. 

Business blogging is one of the most straightforward and highly useful methods for a business to create.

When a business creates blog posts on a regular basis, they are constantly providing Google, Bing, Yahoo and the other Search Engines with fresh content to index. 

This is indeed an opportunity for businesses to add those relevant and on-point keywords that customers will use to search for the types of services or products that the business offers.

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“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” – Wendy Piersall


2.Create & Strengthen Relationships With Existing And New Customers

Customer engagement is a highly significant element of online marketing and branding. As Alex McEachern says Customer Engagement is customers choosing to interact with your brand. When you let your customers choose how they’d like to engage with you, you’ll be more likely to uncover the type of interactions that they find valuable.

“Customer engagement is the ongoing interactions between company and customer, offered by the company, chosen by the customer.”Paul Greenberg ( for HubSpot)


Business Blogging is a good way to build trust with your target audience through high-quality content that they find relevant. 

Business Blogging provides the opportunity for you to connect with your existing and potential customers in a different, more conversational way. 

By adding an active comment section in the blogs, businesses will be able to follow the visitors’ responses to their posts, and will also be able to respond directly to the customer’s comments, which is enormous in building trust and relationships.

3. Business Blog is A bridge between People and Your Brand

Brand awareness is a highly important element of marketing and business blog posting will allow you to show your followers a personal side of your business. 

As Meagan Marrs says for a brand or product to become a proprietary eponym is pretty much the pinnacle of brand awareness. 

By Opening up your brand message and engaging with existing and prospective customers in a way not possible through outbound marketing mechanisms and techniques, hence Business blogging will give others a clear and valid sense of the corporate standards, business character, vision, and personality of your company.

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4. Business Blogs drive long-term results.

When it comes to blogging, most of the sales would most likely come from the older posts. Studies suggest that about 65 percent of the traffic each month on this very blog comes from posts that weren’t published in the current month. 

As a matter of fact, the traffic mainly comes from older posts. 

The same goes for the leads generated in a current month, about 85 percent of the leads generated every month comes from blog posts that were published in previous months or even a few years ago.

HubSpot calls these compounding blog posts because they continue to bring traffic month after month, year after year. 

In fact, one compounding blog post is worth six ordinary blog posts. According to HubSpot, 10 percent of the blogs bring in almost 40 percent of the website traffic. 

     Personal blogging means people having their own place in the web world, where they express everything from their personal beliefs, concepts, Ideology, tips & Tricks, preferences, hobbies, and relating personal stories from their everyday life. 

    Business blogging works based on a similar principle, that is having an own place on the web were to present yourself as a company, Interact with customers, show what you’re like as a company and as a human, and  engage with your followers, just like you do on a personal blog.

    Over To you…

    If you are interested in growing your online visibility, then you would undoubtedly want to take advantage of blogging as a marketing tool when establishing yourself as an expert in your industry.

    Blogging is practically a must when it comes to small businesses. 

    You can outsource the posts to a digital marketing agency like CBO who can produce exclusive, meaningful, and engaging content for your blog site if you don’t have the time, money, or skills to write blog content.


    Contact Us for Blogging Business Enquiry

    If you are too Busy in your day job and still want to start your Blogging Biz to make Passive Income, we are here to help. We have Helped many of our regular clients with their Niche sites. Contact us if you need more information about Niche websites.
    ByDivAcharya Approach

    ByDivAcharya Approach

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