5 common issues with web design companies[ how to approach them the right way]

5 common issues with web design companies[ how to approach them the right way]

5 common issues with web design companies[ how we approach them the right way]

Div Acharya-Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Strategist
Div Acharya-Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Strategist

I'm Div , Girl behind these blogs. I come with a passion for blogging and Digital Marketing. Favourite things include my iPhone, Designer bags, and my pet doggo .

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It’s exciting to have a new website be it a Blog site or your company site. The colours, styles, layout, endless possibilities are all in mind. It is clear that you would first like to jump in and hire an organisation to build your new website quickly.

We want to make you aware of some obstacles that you could face before you did. 

For over four years, we have been running a web design and digital marketing Boutique and I have noticed several frustrations and problems with other web design companies.

In order to understand their frustrations, I made efforts to hear what people say, so I don’t make the same errors with my company.

So, What are the main problems you might face when hiring a web design agency?

Issues with web design companies

1.They don’t take the time to understand your business:

Many web designers take no time to really understand your company. They tend to focus on information at the surface, such as how many pages you need, what you sell, how people can be contacted.

By focusing only on the fundamentals, you will miss important information that might lead you to further inquiries and sales more later.

Your web design company should understand to design a high-performance website:

1.Your Business target market
2.The features of the services you offer
3.The benefits of these services
4.What makes you different from your competitors, your USP
5.Your future goals for the business
6.And Any much more
Without gathering this information, it’s pretty much impossible to create a website that’s good enough to do what you want it to.

What we do instead?

We arrange a  zoom call to collect as much information as possible before we start building your website. It generally takes an hour Or Two.

We will send you a questionnaire once we have done this to fill out where we will ask more questions about your business. 

This will enable us to understand more clearly and to develop an action plan for the future. 

After all that, we will then research your competitors and your target audience for ourselves and develop a plan to create a website that will really work for you.

2.No price point on their website

On their websites, most of the web design companies show no pricing data. 

You expect to call or fill in an online form to see what you could charge. That’s quite frustrating.

You can keep a budget in mind, it can be high, it could be low, but you may spend hours contacting some companies to explain what you want, only to find out that they are out of your price range, if you can’t find any information on their website.

Clearly, not all web sites have the same features and the price of one can differ totally for another.

If at least they gave you an indication without having to contact each other, it wouldn’t be easier for everyone. Even if they say “start at $5,000” you would know that you’re not the right company if you had only a budget of 2,000.

What we do instead?

The price of our design packages depends, like many other companies, on what you are looking for. 

We do know, however, that most websites cost $3K–$10K for us. 

Therefore, this information is clearly stated on our website. Rarely do we charge outside this range, 

Unless the Requirement is completely different like for Instance you need more than 15+ pages Or any New Feature etc.

A number of blog posts have also been written about our price structure and what you get for your money. 

We enable you to compare our services in your own time with other companies. 

You can see the whole process and make your own decision from start to finish.

3.They make use of jargons on their websites

The design of the website is a technical expertise and can sometimes be quite complicated. 

Web design firms like to use a lot of jargon, sometimes on their website. Words  like CSS, HTML5 and PHP may sound awesome, but to ordinary business owners that want to hire a web designer for their website, they are meaningless. You will be more likely to be confused and left with more questions.

How do we approach this?

We know that your website has to look good, work well and provide customers with traffic. 

The technical aspects of how it was constructed should not worry you. You only want outcomes. 

We keep our call Free of Industry Jargons.When we talk about your project via Zoom, email, telephone and make things easy to understand, we do our best to remove those sweet jargons.


4.They don't Tutor you to use CMS by yourself.

This is One of the most common issues we find with many Agencies. 

Many Business Owners are not aware of how to use WordPress, it’s not necessary to know but You should have an option to do it all By yourself or Hire an agency to do all the stuff you need after your website goes live.

After your website goes Live, we provide a 1 Hr Long free Tutorial for you to make you understand how to use WordPress, so you add your new Blog or any Image of your new Employee or an Office party Image.

5.Not Much support after your website GO Live!

This is one of most horrendous one…The level of support you get from them once your website is live is yet another big problem for web design companies. 

It is only natural that when your new site is on-line, you will have some questions, and you would expect to contact the web designer for some assistance.

That’s not always the case, unfortunately. 

Some agencies believe you are now all -alone once your website is live. You may even try to charge you every time, any Changes to be made on your new Website..

How do we approach this?

We love helping clients with their website. Especially after your website  launch. 

There may be the odd tech question you want to ask, or maybe you want some advice about blogging. We are always happy to help.

Depending on the level of support you need, we may suggest taking out a maintenance package with us, but this is optional. 

Some of our web design packages include a 1-2-1 coaching session once the website is live so we can help you make the most of your new website. 

We also send you a series of  tutorials showing you how to update your website yourself without having to speak to us. Whatever you need we are here for you.

Wrapping Up!

As you can see, there are many key issues you will want to look out for when approaching web design companies about your new website.

Be very careful to do your research before hiring a web design agency for your new project.

Over To you now!

Have you ever hired a web design agency? What were the problems that you faced? I’d love to hear from you, so please leave a comment below.

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ByDivAcharya Approach

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Div Acharya
Div Acharya

I'm Div , Girl behind these blogs. I come with a passion for blogging and digital Marketing. . Favourite things include My fam, My Mac, iPhone, bags, and my pet doggo .

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