Local SEO Services with the Bigger Picture in Mind.

We create Local SEO Strategies that will boost your business’ visibility.. This helps you bring more traffic to your website by using locally targeted pages and keywords. We are Local SEO Melbourne,  Toorak , Clyde North,  and across Australia.

What is Local SEO?

The process of optimising a company’ website, product or service for a location-specific search query is Local SEO Melbourne


Google and other search engines uses the location of a user based on an IP address (desktop) and geolocation (mobile) in order to determine the user’s performance. 


So the search engine will show local businesses related to their location when someone conducts a local search for a vet, car wash, or dentist.



Local SEO (search engine optimisation) marketing is an effective way to market a local business online. 

As your online presence is locally optimised, your business will attract high-quality traffic from relevant local searches. This is a great way to build a wide local audience and climb SERPs (search engine result pages).



It’s no surprise that a whopping 46% of all Google searches are for local businesses. Simply put, local SEO marketing helps your business become visible to this large percentage of local searchers.


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Local SEO

The 15 step Local SEO Checklist

Grow big Locally in 2021

Use of these 15 key elements and strategies will help your company’s website build a strong SEO strategy that will actively bring in business and achieve your company’s goals. 

Local SEO Melbourne

Get Results with SEO

Local SEO  Melbourne can take your business to the next level. Whether that’s building your online presence in your local area or expanding into other suburbs and cities. 


At Digitallydiv, we’ll take your website from zero to hero, and beyond!


Take advantage of Local SEO Melbourne to find customers you’re missing locally. You can bring the right customers to your business with specific niche targeting.


Our team of experienced professionals at Digitallydiv can get you started with a custom local SEO strategy that’s going to  bring results.


Potential Local Customers Can Find Your Business

Customers are far more likely to choose you if the information you’re showing them is relevant to their search. Using Local SEO you can show different information to customers in different locations, which is especially important if your offerings differ by location, or customer needs change by location.

Give Your Customers the Right Information

Drive Traffic Through Targeted Online Leads

Local SEO is more than just your website. Using directories, search tools, and other mediums you can generate leads simply by associating your brand with localised search keywords. This can even drive traffic to your website, with these things leading people in the area to your pages through multiple channels.

You are a Local Brand

Google My business Optimisation

Is your business struggling to attract customers?
Tired of losing clients to your competitors?


Worried you’re not making the most of your digital presence?


In all of these cases, robust Google maps marketing can make potential customers aware that you provide the products/services they need.

It can get you on the top of SERPs, bring in more phone calls, attract more customers to your physical locations—all of which have the potential to get more Leads and new prospects…

As one of the most powerful local marketing tools, Google My Business is a gold mine for businesses. We can help optimise your listing so your business gains greater online visibility and appears in the top search results on Google!

And DigitallyDiv’s  Local SEO services can help you do just that. Get started today to win at local SEO!

What's Included in The Local SEO Melbourne Package

Local On-page Optimisation

On-page optimisation refers to working on your site to improve the site rank in search engines. The various factors that make up on-page optimisation include meta tag description, Alt text, and Image Geotags, content creation, keyword research, etc.

The Minimum words required in a Page is 600-1000 words for SEO. If your current Local page does not have Min 600 words, we add in new Content. We will SEO the page relevant to the keyword with Meta, URL, H1 and so on.

For Instance If you are a vet In Clyde North, we will create a page with Vets in Clyde north Keyword OR Optimise your current page that will help in ranking better with Google.

GMB Optimisation

As one of the most powerful local marketing tools, Google My Business is a gold mine for businesses. We can help optimise your listing so your business gains greater online visibility and appears in the top search results on Google!

Local SEO Business Listings & Building Citation.

Local business directory listings & citations generated manually You need to have your company listed in the top business directories to build your local business online. We'll manually create a profile for you on the top company directories online with our business listing service. This is often referred to as "citation construction" or "citation building of NAP." Additionally, to improve your website rankings, you will get a link from these directories!


Local SEO-DigitallydivDiv Web Boutique

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Melbourne website design

Your business can be much more


Increase Your Local Presence!

Local SEO can set up your business as a local brand and build on its reputation. Individuals are more likely to position their trust in a brand that seems genuine. Including information on your website that demonstrates your company is tangible and local is a long way to establishing relationships.

We know SEO can take time, but don’t you worry, we’re in it for a long time to come. 

Please call us today and have a talk with our experts. We will figure out just what it takes to get your SEO up and running!

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