Personal website and branding for Recruiters.

The importance personal website and professional branding for Recruiters.
Personal website and branding for Recruiters.

Recruitment Agency website design:

How Vital is Personal website and branding for Recruiters…

 Define what your personal brand or company stands for in the market. Consider your values, your target audience, main customer segments and, of course the competition. 

Just as you use channels to provide leads for your business, apply the same mindset to reflecting on your own brand presence. Review your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, guest blogs you’ve written, or an old profile you’ve set up on an industry website.

Is your profile picture up-to-date, is your LinkedIn profile the best it could be? Does it highlight your amazing skills and achievements, yet also appear friendly and trustworthy? 

If not, consider investing in a professional business writer to fix it.Personal website and branding for Recruiters is a vital factor in this era of Technology and Social media.

Once you’ve got the list together, create a simple survey using a free platform like Google Forms or Survey Monkey and ask your industry colleagues to provide feedback on your current personal brand. You could post the survey on Twitter or Facebook, or email a group of trusted confidants.

 It’s up to you to decide which social platform I would want to choose. Next Step, Review the data you’ve collected to evaluate the gap between your respondent’s perception and the future brand you are building. 

Once you’ve made the changes and started building your brand, send out another survey and measure the results. Hopefully you’ve made good progress closing the image gap.

Whether you want to build a professional business brand or you’ve decided to develop your personal branding, you need to start RIGHT NOW!. Building your brand will give you the confidence to get out of your comfort zone to recruit the best talent and win new business.


A professional recruitment logo is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your business. 

You’ll use the design everywhere: on your website, business cards, on digital or print documents, on advertisements, and any other property in the public eye. 

And the best part is, you don’t need to be a designer or a big budget to get a logo.

Take time to think about the colours that resonate with you then build mood boards in Pinterest of logos and brands you like (and don’t like) to show your designers.

Get a brand new website

This is the place where you can tell your own story. Try free web platforms like WordPress OR Squarespace OR Wix  Or Weebly: they’re awesome for doubling up as blogging platforms so Shoot two birds with one stone.

If you’re wondering why you should bother, here’s the thing. Your website is the place you own to tell the world who are you and what you do. This is the place where you can tell your story and share your unique voice so speak up.

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START Blogging Or Hire a professional to write blogs for your website

This is one of the best ways to build your professional brand and be a thought leader in your industry. It’s free(when you write them yourself) and you do what you want. Blogging gives you the chance to show off your knowledge and professional interests. It also generates fantastic content for social media channels. Your experience provides you with a unique perspective that job seekers and hiring companies value. You can also offer guest post opportunities to your industry and generate guest blogging opportunities in turn.


A good way to use Social media in general is to think of it as a house party. You don’t know everyone, there are many conversations happening at once in different locations on many different topics.

You wouldn’t normally walk into a conversation with a stranger without a quick introduction, and that’s exactly how you should approach social. A Twitter/LinkedIN profile with strong visual branding and relevant links to your professional website or blog will do the heavy lifting.

Do some keyword research Twitter hashtags to find out what topics are trending in your recruitment niche. For example you could add any (not all) of these hashtags  to your tweets: #JobOpening #Hiring #Recruiting in #industry (e.g. #technology, #Health , #Teaching and so on ) in #location (#Sydney, #Melbourne).

Contact Div Digital Agency If you need any assistance in improving your Online Presence.

 The final step is to think Strategically about the topics you want to tweet about Or Social Media Content you want to post. Then create follower lists for different topics and join the conversation. When you’re just starting out, it might be easier to like and retweet posts from other users, but once you get the hang of it, start making your own posts. You can share your blog posts in updates (make sure to include the #JobsTips hashtag) or industry data on your Twitter or Facebook page.

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