5 Elements to Remove from your Website Homepage:Website Homepage Content The Homepage of a Website is the face of your business,

The Homepage of a Website is the face of your business, but it’s definitely not meant to stuff in loads of unnecessary details out there!!

If you’re considering a website revamp or are wondering how to generate more leads from your website, it’s a good idea to start with your Website homepage best Practices.

As the face of your business, this page is usually responsible for attracting much of the traffic on your website. 

And despite its popularity, several organisations are unable to leverage it properly.

Mostly, the focus is on what needs to be on your Home page to improve the performance of your homepage. 

However, this post about ensuring what not to include on your Homepage to achieve better results.

Check it out!

“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”

Social Media Icons in the Header section.


Social media has become so deep-rooted in our daily lives that most social media icons are instantly recognisable. 

For advertisers and company owners, this presents an outstanding way to incorporate social media concepts in their marketing campaigns. 

You can add them to your home page, blog posts, tweets, or even your marketing collateral.

Around the same time, there is a lot you need to remember before you use these social media logos, like best practises.

Social networking icons make it easy for people to identify your company on social media, help you communicate with your clients and improve your follow-up.

However,  The icons need not be set  in the Prominent place as your Header. 

By doing this, You are simply inviting clicks away from your website. Keep your Social Icons them down below in the footer section.

The best place to position these buttons is generally on the footer of a page because of the way we read and view a site.

Too Many CTAs in the header section : Website Home page content:


It’s really important to guide your visitors through the buying journey using strategic CTAs. 

CTA stands for call to action which is part of a web article, commercial or piece of material that inspires the viewer to do something about it. 

In marketing, CTAs help a company turn a tourist or reader to a sales team chief. 

CTAs can operate a number of different activities depending on the intent of the material.  

However, too many different CTAs in the Header section of your Home Page is not a good idea. 

This makes the visitor to get confused and can make them not take any action at all.. 

Instead, keep  1 CTA displayed in different sections of the page. Make that main CTA unique from all your other CTAs.

Also, Use 2nd CTA ( Whether a Lead magnet or Contact us on Different sections of the home page)

Too many Testimonials on the homepage:


Testimonials are the rubber stamp of acceptance that many typical consumers need to sign. 

In a world of false news and “influencer” mistrust, customers have become tired of sensationalised advertising statements. 

This is why testimonials are critical – for consumers and advertisers alike – for building relationships.Reputation is everything in  business. 

What business are you more likely to do, the one with no ratings or the one with hundreds of favourable feedback?

However, Too many Testimonials on the Homepage is not a Good idea because  Testimonials are a Lot Different from Reviews. 

Most of the Testimonials are positive and your Visitors are aware of it  . 

Instead of keeping many Testimonials on your Homepage , just keep  max of 3-4 Testimonials & Reviews for the Viewers to know how good you are in your Niche.

Avoid Sliders on your Home page:


 Say NO to the sliders in the header section. They are  dated and visitors don’t go beyond the first slide. 

Sliders are notorious for poor click-through speeds. 

To put it clearly , sliders are transforming monsters. People really don’t communicate with them.conversion killers. 

The studies conducted by University of Notre Dame on the the effectiveness of a homepage slider suggests that  out of the 3,755,297 people who visited their homepage and only  1% of them actually clicked on an item in the slider. 

Slider photos that could look fine on your laptop will become difficult to read if they’re shrunk down on your smartphone. 

Combine this with the annoyance of having to swipe left and right through your phone slides and tourists are likely to leave your web with a sour taste in their mouths.

Avoid Jargons on your Homepage


  Avoid using jargons & Acronyms on your Home page. The use of scientific terminology and corporate jargon in the workplace is normal. 

This is because a decent majority of bosses, supervisors and staff feel that these fancy words and acronyms sound sophisticated and offer those who work for the organisation a feeling of belonging and warmth. 

More Often, Company jargon are used  to impress not to educate. So, avoid using  jargons in your Website homepage.

Avoid Corporate kind of Stock Photos


Stock Photos are  a necessary Evil. 

By using stock photos you can solve a lot of your graphic design needs at once, in a very efficient and low-cost solution. 

For once, you can get the imagery that you need right away, without having to wait for a photographer to shoot them, edit them, and hand them to you. 

They are online and ready to be downloaded and used. 

But, not every Business can have their personal Stock Photo and it becomes necessary to use the stock photos. 

However, Avoid too Cheesy looking / I am Not real Kind of Stock Photos, Instead, ensure that your Stock Pics are picked carefully that will suit your Business & Services You offer.


Avoid Sliders in the header section : Say NO to the sliders in the header section. 

They are to dated and visitors don’t go beyond the first slide. Avoid using jargons on your Home page.

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