The goal of SEO is not to rank #1. The goal is to generate leads and sales for your business.

Meet the SEO Clyde North, the SEO Company that brings you organic traffic and leads instead of excuses

If you landed on this SEO page, you most likely did a Google search for Clyde North SEO. You found Digitallydiv Agency because we practice what we preach and understand the most important ranking factors on Google.  With our custom month-to-month approach to SEO, Google ranks us #1 and we offer the same service for your business.  Contact us today for a free Clyde North SEO consultation.

What is SEO?

SEO Definition: SEO is an acronym for search engine optimisation which is the process of optimising your website to receive organic, or unpaid, search engine results page traffic.

In other words, SEO means making certain changes to the design and content of your website to make your site more attractive to a search engine. You do so in the expectation that your website will be shown by the search engine as a top result on the search engine results list.

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Want to get noticed?
SEO marketing Tips



Underquoting an SEO client is a surefire way of getting the worst return on investment possible. 


This is because SEO is an ongoing competition.  It is a search engine ranking race where the goal is to not simply finish first but to remain at the front of the pack; to influence the direction of those behind you.


Our SEO Products

Comprehensive SEO Clyde North Package

Get Our  Premium

SEO Program

The Premium SEO Strategy & Results

The Premium SEO Services is our fully Managed SEO packages that get you awesome, targeted traffic 

–  custom-built just for you. 

Local SEO

Be The Talk Of The Town And Grow Big Locally With Highly Targeted Local SEO!

City Page SEO

Get Found By New Customers From Surrounding Areas
City Pages SEO for Surrounding Cities.

Starts 599 /city page for 600-800 words. City Pages are fully SEO Optimised with Meta tag, Title,1 Focus Keyword for city and Service, 4 images included with Image name and AltText


High-quality blog content so you can 
draw your target audience and convert them. 
Starts at $399/month

Website Content & Copywriting


Starts $599/page for 600-1000 words

$ 799/page for 1000-2000 words.

$ 999/page for 2000-3000 words.


Social Media Content

Content That Booms Your Social

Frequently Asked Questions: SEO

With Our Premium Managed SEO we have flexible packages based on your site’s needs. Our main strategy is a combination of On-page SEO( for your WordPress website), Premium Blogging (Optimised Blog Content), Link Building, Local SEO(GMB Optimisation).however it is customised for your Business Objectives.

What's Included in City page SEO

We create Unique content for each city you want to Rank in. This is vital because, Google might penalise your website, if you just copy and paste the same content for your different city pages .Also, do On-page SEO for all your city pages for particular key words that your website wants to rank for. 

For Example you are a VET in Melbourne city area and want to rank in neighbouring suburbs/cities Like Toorak  Or Brighton. We create a page ” Vets in Toorak” and add in min 600-1000 words Unique  content

Do I Really Need SEO?

Short answer: yes, yes you do.

Why? Picture all of your website visitors as a massive cake. For the average website, 50% of that Cake will come from search engines like Google.

Search engines are a discovery tool, meaning that many of these website visitors are discovering your website for the first time. As more and more people discover your website from search engines, you’ll see each other traffic channel (email, social media, etc.) increase as well. In other words, as this part of your cake gets bigger & Bigger, the rest of your cake will get bigger as well. 

Whats Included in Local SEO

In Our Local SEO Only package, we make the GMB claim( If you are not already done it), GMB Optimisation, and On-page SEO for your Local city page only (On your WordPress Website). Additionally, we post 2 posts a week in your Business GMB. Regular postings in GMP will Improve your Local visibility. We mostly use your Business’ Social media accounts( Facebook, Pinterest, and Linkedin) to generate better visibility. Plus the citations in your Local directories are the next step to success.

Is there any Contract for SEO?

There is a six month On-going Contract as SEO takes time and we ask that you give us at least 3 months to start seeing results and a full 6 months of activity

Do I Need to Hire Someone to Do SEO for Me?

No, but how much is 50% of your total website traffic worth to you?

Similar to almost any other profession, you can do it yourself, but will always see the best results when you bring in experts to help. For Instance, You can do your business’ book keeping on your own, but choose to hire a professional  accountant because you know that they will be worth the investment.

If your business’ marketing budget is less than a few hundred dollars per month, take the DIY approach to SEO. Any “expert” charging less than a few hundred dollars per month is going to be a risky investment. They may land you in some bad position with Google.

Your business can be much more


Increase Your Local Presence!

SEO can set up your business as a local brand and build on its reputation. Individuals are more likely to position their trust in a brand that seems genuine. Including information on your website that demonstrates your company is tangible and local is a long way to establishing relationships.

We know SEO can take time, but don’t you worry, we’re in it for a long time to come. 

Please call us today and have a talk with our experts. We will figure out just what it takes to get your SEO up and running!


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