Create Passive Income With Your Fave Hobby or Your Expertise for Financial Freedom

Finding lucrative Niches

  1. Follow Your Passionate Niche Or Hobby & start your Blogging Business
  2. Choose a Niche that is dear to your heart and You love writing about it Or making Videos about it.
  3. A Niche narrows down what you want to write about and who you want to write to.

Find killer domain names that are available

Finalise your Niche ‘s domain name

Your Domain name will be the name of your Blog and URL people type in to the address bar.

For Instance Our Agency Domain is

Finalise your Blog website Host-We use Siteground.

Blogs Topic Research

Not Just keyword  Research but the Topic Research.

Keyword Research is the KEY. We use Alphabet Mix method to get Keywords out of Google.

Strategy is :  for a new website get the Low hanging  keywords to start with and then Grow to bigger keywords.

Fast and Perfect site setup

WordPress website theme selection and Build

THE TECH part: Web-hosting+Wordpress Theme+Theme Customization

1. Hosting

2. WP Install

3. WP Theme Install

4. Plugins Install

5. WP theme Customization

We provide 1 Year Free
Hosting and Free Domain. with Pro & pro+Plan

Clean SEO that Works

White hat SEO that works  Trust me , IT WORKS!  We do not do Link Building ( paying for a Back Link is illegal as with Google policy). However, we do get Organic Links Built as the website grows.

1. Off Page SEO

2. On-Page SEO

Grow and Monetize blog Strategies and Social Media guidelines

Tips on How to Grow & Monetise your Blog website and Social Media Roadmap

1. Pinterest Strategy

2. Affiliate Strategy

3. Adsense for beginner Bloggers

4. Social Media Strategy

5. Email Marketing Strategy

Convert your Hobby to a Lucrative passive income site.

Trust me you can recover our Fees/Charges in 12-24 months from your Blogs.  Mostly , as our Experience says - the new Blogs start ranking on GOOGLE from the 35th week onwards and goes on to become a complete Blogging Business website with Monetization in 24 Months.

WE PROMISE YOU, with in a Month your Blogging Business website is Up & Running with 15 Blogs to start with. You just need time  & More Content for GOOGLE to start ranking your website. Yass!! We plant the seed for you!! 

Let us build Blogging Business with
your passion a.k.a Hobby

There are many GURUS out there teaching on Youtube and other media How to start your Blogging Business for $1k or even more per year FEE.  We get you started for that Money actually! You just pay Onetime for us!! Isn't it cool? Instead of you learning HOW to's , 
What to's and When to's of Wordpress and Blogging - we get you started in 4-5 weeks with your Blogging Business.

We provide 1 Year Free Hosting  Plan (Siteground /Bluehost) and Free Domain with Pro & Pro+Plan

Grow Your Blogging Business

By 24th Month, it's advisable to have more than 100 Niche Blogs on your website. If you do. not have to write blogs you can hire Content writers to write content for your Niche site. We will do the initial hard work for you.We plant the seed for you and you can take it further and GROW with more content and appropriate Marketing

Monetize Your Blogging Business

We will Guid you with 3 Super Strategies to make money with your Blogs.
Remember this is NOT a Get Rick Quick scheme.
Making Money with Blogging needs time & Patience.
Start with Affiliate Marketing , Display Ads then Move on the selling Digital products.
Read my Blog How I made 100 K with my Niches blogs in 2021.

Bespoke Marketing Plans

These days, if you want your website’s Google rankings to improve, you absolutely must be creating consistent high-quality blog posts. 

Topic Research

It’s No More Keyword research, It’s all about Topic Research.

This is the most Critical part of the game, we search the Low hanging Keywords and Phrases from your Niche and write blogs based on those  10-15 search Queries.

Consistant blogging

These days, if you want your website’s Google rankings to improve, you absolutely must be creating consistent high-quality blog posts. 

DigitallyDiv Approach Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

We build websites for passive income

Topic Research
Wordrpess Website Design and Build
Content writing (Blogs)

You’ll never know what you could have created if you never start.

drop us a line and keep in touch

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What our Clients Say about Div Digital Agency-Verified 5 *****Google Reviews

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If you are looking at Blogging and Making money with your fave Hobby , we can help you get going. 

As a Marketing Agency, We have helped many Individuals and Hobbyists to create a Blogging Business and the life they love!

How can Digitallydiv Approach Help your with your Blog site?

WordPress Niche website setup in Just 90 Mins hrs : 

If you’re looking to get your Niche Blog site to share you passion, start a new Business and make passive Income there is no better way to start Plating the seed now!

One of the significant steps to take is via WordPress website setup

Having said this, Setting Up a Blog site is not very easy to manage for a Non-techs ( Even though there are Number Blogs  and Youtube Vids to Teach) The Learning curve is Steep and your time is precious. 

Time is Money!

 Digitallydiv Approach can help! .Get our 90 min slot Now. Before Purchasing , be ready with a Niche /Hobby you love / Expertise you are proud of. Be it Gardening, fencing,Art OR lifestyle.

Have a Look the my Blog that can help you ZERO in on a Niche-110+ Best Blog Niches to make Money Online

1 on 1 WordPress Blog set up-Our Approach
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