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Website design statement of work, A Statement of Work is generally defined as the narrative description of a project's work requirements. It defines specific activities that need to be.
Website design statement of work, A Statement of Work is generally defined as the narrative description of a project's work requirements. It defines specific activities that need to be.

Our Digital Marketing Journey Began a few years ago & going Strong in 2021 will be stronger in years to come.. Creating & Nurturing a Digital Marketing Agency can be one of the most rewarding businesses you’ll ever create.  The fact is, It’s easy to start a digital marketing agency, but it is difficult to manage and turn it into a profitable company!

What Did we do differently to be successful in this niche?

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Statement of work web design [for web design projects]


Our web design project involves the design and development of a web site for use by  “Client”. The project will follow the SOW outlined below and does not include ongoing maintenance of the site outside of what may be stated in the scope. Website design statement of work.

Project Scope: Website design statement of work

The SOW is an Important section of our Web design process at Digitallydiv Agency. Check out our  16 Steps of the Website Design Process that is followed at digitallydiv Agency. Quality web design is much more than building a website and having a step-by-step approach to web design is the key to success.

In this article we are outlining the SOW that we normally use at Digitallydiv web Boutique for any new client ( the SOW would change as per the web design plans selected by the client)

The SOW covers the following activities and deliverables.

  • WordPress Theme Design and Development: The theme presented with the proposal will be the basis for the design of the website. There will be a period of revisions and development will start once you have signed off on the design. 
  • Once development has started, only minor changes can be made without affecting the scope of the project. 
  • We Only use wordPress to design and develop websites, one of the main reasons is that wordPress is secure and SEO friendly. Related : Why do we use ONLY wordPress to Design and create websites
  • Host and Domain Setup: We do not offer Hosting to our Clients. However, we Design and develop Websites in our secure server and once the project is complete we move the Website to Client’s desired hosting. 
  • Additionally, If the client do not have the domain yet , we  offer creating one for them otherwise if they already have one ,  we use the domain given by the Client.
  • WordPress Installation and Setup: We will install and set up the CMS on the domain mentioned above so that “Client/Sponsor’s Name” is able to maintain the site.
  • Content Entry: We will enter the initial content you provide to our Agency. This will include text and pictures for each page to be created with the initial setup. 
  • Most of the time the content provided by the client is just the niche relevant but not much of marketing material. 
  • So, We tweak the content to suit the niche’s website, Additionally, we  write compelling Heading1, sub heading and CTA for the hero section of the home page & Service pages
  • We would recommend the content to be min 600 words( min words needed for a good SEO).If the content that is provided by the clients  is not 600 words, we add up relevant content to make it reach min 600 words.
  • The pages for the site will include: “List of Pages*”
  • The features of the site will include: “List of Features”**
  • Browser Testing: We will test the site to make sure it works with modern desktop web browsers. I will also test to make sure that the site does not break when viewed on mobile devices.
  • Mobile usability testing: we will test with both Mobile a tablet to make sure that website is Optimised for all the devises
  • SEO: We will do the Home page and service pages SEO( 1 key word each)  to begin with. We write foucus keyword, Meta, Slug and other SEO related things for each page( Home page and service pages only).  But, as this is not full SEO package ,so If required SEO Package can be purchased.
  • List of Pages*: This depends on the pages decided during the proposal phase
  • List of features**: This again depends on what’s decided during the proposal stage of the project.


  • Account and login information.
  • Website deployed on the requested domain and Client’s preferred Hosting platform.
  • A backup copy of the files associated with the site.
  • A reference document outlining how to make updates to the site along with a link to online resources.
  • website moved to the client’s  own Hosting platform.
  • 2 Hrs of Training to make sure Client is aware of how to use WordPress to add new blog, Or a  Team Photo for instance.
  • All Plugins list ( some of them may be Free versions and some could be Pro).We mostly use pro versions of plugins so that the Experience is Seamless.PS: Some plugin’s are used in their Free version because the free version does the work well and no need to go for the pro version of the plugin.

List of Pages* For a Multi page Website


Page Description

Page name

The home page will have the decided design, content and Images.Home page 
1.Service pages – all service pages will have the content
given by the client and also the images
2.The Number of service pages ( decided during the Proposal stage)
Service pages, the number of service pages
decided during the proposal stage.
About page( Company Overview-Mission, Goals statement)
Team details , Team Images and so on.
About page 
Contact us Page( Complete Business Contact details)
1. Ph Numbers & Email ids
2. Brick & Mortar address for the Google maps
Contact us page
 Portfolio page( the previous work done by the client, content and images) Portfolio page 
 Blog page( any Blogs already written by the client, Images for the blog)Blog page
 Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions page- Content to be provided by the client as per their Business needs. privacy Policy and T&C

List of Features **-Added Features


Feature Description( added Features)

Feature name

Lead Magnet Downloads CRM+ Popups(Added Feature) 
Payment Getaway(PayPal or stripe)Payment gateway( added Feature) 
CRM IntegrationCRM Integration(Added feature) 
Any other Feature that is discussed during proposal time.Any other added featured to be
Popups Popups(Added Feature) 
Membership websitemembership option for the website( added feature)
 Booking and chat  scheduling done via Calendly will be
used and it’s up to the client to Opt for Pro version
of the Calendly to get Multiple booking sessions.
 Booking scheduling(Added feature)


List of Features **-Default Features


Feature Description( default Features)

Feature name

Home page and service pages will be SEO with 
1 Keyword for each page 
 SEO( Initial SEO) 
Contact forms & Google mapsContact forms and Google maps 
Social Media IntegrationSocial media Integration 
XML Sitemap added to Business’s Google Search console.XML Sitemap
SSL Certificate( Free for 1 Year) SSL Certificate 
Google Analytics and FB Pixel Installation( In Gold plan only).
Data Driven Design.
Google Analytics and FB Pixel Installation

1 Month Free social media marketing
(Silver and Gold package Only).

 Social Media marketing




Finish Date

Sign  Contract and
50% Advance payment made by the Client
Schedule Date 1 
Finalise Design
Finalise any added features to the website
Schedule Date 2 
Client Provides Content( Text, Images and any content that is agreed upon)Schedule Date 3 
Revision Phase: Finalise Revision( we provide 2-
3 Revisions as per the Plan selected)
25% of the remaining Project cost by the client before we
start working on the revisions.
Schedule Date 4
Final testing phase:Deploy to Staging Site for Client final testing phase
and Remaining 25% is paid by the client
Schedule Date 5 
Deploy and Move the new website to the  Client Domain/HostingSchedule Date 6
Client Sign Off and Receipt of Deliverables
Thanks you letter to the client from Digitallydiv Agency Founder & Director
Schedule Date 7

Price of the Project


The total price of this project as agreed upon during the proposal is $__________.The price depends on the package chosen and any added features on the website.

Key Assumptions


This agreement is based on the following assumptions.

  • You have provided Digitallydiv Agency with a complete list of your requirements for the website.
  • Website contents are provided . Website Images are provided.Social media Links, Brick & Mortar address, The business Contact details (PH Numbers and email ids), ABN , Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions Text are provided.
  • Login Ids and passwords are provided( If its a Redesign project and our team is working on the Client’s hosting platform)
  • Added features are already discussed. If any Extra Feature to be added in the development stage, can be done at an extra cost.



The “client” named below verifies that the terms of this Statement of Work are acceptable.  The parties hereto are each acting with proper authority by their respective companies.

Client Name Digitallydiv Web Boutique

Company name


Company name

Client Sponsor’s Name Digitallydiv Agency Team

Full name


Full name

Sponsor’s Title  




Client Sign Date Sign Date




This is one of the most commonly/Frequently asked questions, When it comes web design.Websites we create take 4-12 weeks on average. The short answer to this question.

The long response is, it actually depends.  Related: How much time it takes to build a Website.


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