10 Nifty Tips to avoid a generic looking website you should not miss out

10 Nifty Tips to avoid a generic looking website
10 Nifty Tips to avoid a generic looking website
Nifty tips to avoid Generic Looking sites

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10 NiftyTips To Avoid A Generic Looking Website

Being unique is the best way to avoid a generic-looking web design. Isn’t it self-evident? 

Thousands upon thousands of website owners, on the other hand, have never considered “different” as a viable alternative. 

They simply imitated what everyone else in their industry is doing.

1. Think from customers perspective

Too many web designs are created to accommodate a company rather than their clients.

If you meet your users’ needs, they are more likely to engage and progress from visitor to viable lead, and then to a lifelong customer.

The term “UX Design” refers to the creation of a website that is tailored to the needs of your customers.

Avoiding a generic web design by tailoring your website to specific groups is one of the best ways.

Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

Paul Cookson

2.Look for web design inspiration outside of your industry.

Before speaking with a web designer, look for layout designs that you like. That way, he’ll know which elements are appealing to you.

“But wait… didn’t you say that being different and unique was better?”

Certainly! I agree with that!

You can, however, select a banner from this website, a sidebar from another, or a footer from yet another.

You can duplicate elements without having to duplicate the entire web design.

Check out sites that aren’t in your industry.

An Interior design company, for example, might look into Real Estate designs. Both industries are heavily reliant on visual imagery.

You will be surprised, how you might have new ways of presenting images that you hadn’t considered before.

3. Get Inspirations from the best designs. 

There are times when you may want to copy a web design. Choose a company with a large budget that has most likely spent a lot of money on A/B testing and web design. 

Examine the design of their pages Like the Home page, service pages, the About page and the Contact us page.

The point is not to make your website generic. So, copy smartly. 

Change the Original colours and shapes. For Instance, if the button you are trying to imitate is Red & round, make it Blue and Square Or better even make it more relevant to your brand colour pallette.

Make sure that pages do not look the same and generic but just a similar design with a punch of creativity.

4. Hire a Custom website designer.

So, what is the best way to avoid a cookie-cutter website design?

That’s simple! Engage the services of a custom web designer.

We get you!

You most likely believe you cannot afford a custom web design. 

When you consider the increased leads that a custom website will generate, how can you afford not to build a website specifically for your client’s needs?

That is such a true statement that we wrote an entire article about it: Why Cheap Websites are a Waste of Money and will sink your business

However, we understand that the bottom line is important to all businesses. As a result, Digitallydiv  Agency provides a Free Mock-Up Offer with No Obligation guarantee.

5.Get Bolder with web design

Bold does not necessarily imply garish. Cartoon characters or exploding firework animations should not be used on an estate lawyer’s website.

However, it would be appropriate (and daring) to include a free-form design or ADA-compliant elements not commonly seen on other lawyer’s websites. 

In fact, most websites do not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Find out what needs aren’t being met and fill the void. Rather than “selling” something to others, try to help them… That is a daring idea.

6. Keep less generic elements in the website- 


Today’s internet is uninteresting. All is uniform in appearance: generic fonts, no discernible layouts, interchangeable pages, and a lack of descriptive visual language. Even micro typography is a complete disaster.

Less is more when it comes to website design

Functional and ideological restrictions, rather than imagination and ideas, seem to be driving web design today. 

Every page is made up of containers stacked on top of each other; sometimes text, sometimes images. Nothing is fully designed; all is taken for granted.

It may seem like you’re designing a stunning website by getting crafty with your choices, but all you’re really doing is avoiding a harmonious website but creating a generic one.

Not using the website design correctly spawns usability issues, accessibility issues, and has an impact on conversion rate.

7. Keep your Home Page copy & Design Catchy & Unique

The copy on your homepage has a significant impact on how successful it is.
It’ll be the first thing your visitors see, and it can serve as a quick “elevator pitch” explaining what your site is about.
As a result, the content of your website’s introduction must be compelling.
Writing good homepage copy, however, does not have to be difficult. That’s why, on this page, I’ll go over 11 design tips that will help you create a page that is both interesting and effective in getting visitors to take action.

8. Keep your About Page Unique as well

Frequently, it’s your “About Us” page—the page on which you introduce yourself to your website visitor, explain what you do, and establish a connection with them in the hopes of converting them into a client. 
As a result, consider your “About Us” page to be a speed-dating session with a possible consumer. 
They’re looking for the proper company, and you just have a few seconds to win them over.
Your landing page is the first thing people see when they visit your website and/or social media profiles. 
If they are interested after viewing your landing page, they will most likely visit your “About Us” page to discover more.
There are countless websites with various types of information and appearances. 
When a website visitor navigates to the “About Us” page, he or she is seeking for information as well as the “story” of your company.
If your website just talks about your items and/or services, you’re underselling it. People are interested in knowing a lot more about you and your company than simply that.

9. Don’t Ignore the Footer – Keep the  Footer Unique and Informative

This page is over when the user reaches the bottom of the page. 
We can increase the number of individuals who remain on our website and do more exploring if we present them with more connections to other parts of it. 
Hence, the importance of placing crucial connections here to sites that we believe might enhance our visitors’ journeys is essential. 
Signing up for a mailing list may be the primary purpose of your website’s design. If you want to re-capture their interest, NOW is the time to do it.
There are headlines and body material to keep you interested, but after a few paragraphs and a page flip, you’re done. 
With a website, you have the added benefit of being able to direct the consumer down further paths after they’ve reached the end of the page. 
Then why don’t you? When it comes to persuading them, they’ve just completed reading a full page of you attempting to convince

10.Stop using cheesy stock Images.


Don’t get me wrong: stock photography is fantastic for giving your content a visual boost. 

Engagement is driven by visual content. 

Sometimes it’s just easier (and less expensive) than planning a grandiose photo shoot.  

But, everyone else in the  World wide web is using these free Stock pictures. 

So, making your website look more generic than ever.

You can use  Paid and Exclusive Stock pictures on your website. 

However, use more of your company pics, Team pics etc on your Home page, Service pages and the About us page.

Overuse and improper use of stock photography, on the other hand, will make your website feel cold, unnatural, outdated, and, of course, generic.

If you must use stock photography, avoid the following types of images:

Related Article: 8 Types of Stock Photos to Avoid at All Costs

  1. Free Images from Unsplash or any such Free Image websites- because lot many use such pics
  2. Downloaded from Google- A Big NO
  3. Pictures without proper Licence-  You may get sued for using without a licence
  4. Overly Happy Corporate Office Employees- Looks too generic and unnatural
  5. Over-Exaggerated Emotions
  6. Low Quality or Low-Resolution Images

“If You Think Math is Hard Try Web Design


Wrapping Up!


Cutting design corners to meet a deadline may seem more important in the short term, but it will result in chronic and long-term headaches.

You’ll have to correct your sloppy design decisions at some point. 

So why not get the details right the first time? Don’t have a website that looks like it was plucked from a catalogue. 

Roll your sleeves up get to work and make it Unique.

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