10 worst Website homepage mistakes you’re making on your website

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10 worst Website homepage mistakes you’re making on your website

In our almost 5 Years  web design, blogging  and digital marketing Agency time, we’ve seen a pattern of common website mistakes and most of these mistakes occur on the homepage. 

Most people spend the majority of their time thinking about their homepage design, how it will look and what impression they want to give. But they forget the simplest rule:

What is the Purpose of your website Homepage?

Well, The purpose of your homepage is to get your user to the next page. 

It’s rare that someone will land on your homepage, pick up the phone and purchase from you. 

Your homepage should act as a hub for your website. Kind of reception area, if you will, which is designed to guide your user to the places you want them to go.

So, with  all this in mind, what are the most common errors we see on homepages? 

Homepage Mistakes that we want to write about in this article.And also, what to put on the homepage of your website..

There Is NO Call To Action (CTA) Having a CTA Above the fold is the key


Remember what we said earlier about your homepage acting as a reception? 

We’ve come across so many websites that give their users no clear direction.

We are not talking about the top navigation bar:  

We’re talking about the pages you want to show your user. 

It’s best to keep these call to actions above the fold, so your users know where to go once they land on your homepage.

You could send them to service or product pages or your latest blog post or a Lead magnet download. But think about the buying cycle. 

Start with Attracting & Nurturing  your new prospects. Don’t just shove your “about page”/”team Page” there because you feel that’s where they should go. 

Your user is on a journey and your aim is to show them way to reach website’s goal.

How to Fix them?


Think about the one thing you’d like your users to do when they visit your website. 

How will you convince your visitor to take the next step with you?

Ideally, it would move them closer to becoming a customer, e.g., book a free consultation, check availability, etc., but at the very least your call to action would allow them to build up more Rapport with your business and help them to consume more of your content.

Pro Tip

Don’t forget to tempt people with a freebie of some sort in exchange for their information. 

And yes, it does need to be more appealing than “join our newsletter”

There are NO Lead Capture

Your website users will very rarely buy from you straight away. You’ll need to build up some trust before they do. 

This is why it’s a good idea to offer them something in return for their contact details.

This could be in the form of a tempting offer such as a discount on the first order, free delivery, free trial, free e-book/video, etc. 

Not only do you get their contact details but you also build trust, getting them comfortable with potentially making that first order or enquiry.


How to Fix them?


To capture your prospect’s contact information, you can use anyone of these popular email marketing tools like ConvertKit , MailChimp . 

Each of these services will allow you to add an email signup form to your website and start gathering contact information. 

Lead Magnets

Without an additional phase or two, a funnel wouldn’t be a real funnel. 

A very simple addition to the website for the funnel builder is a pop up that collects email addresses, like the full video, a few special tips, from the keynote speaker or some advertisement service, in exchange for useful and appealing content. 

This will encourage users to give you an e-mail in the future.

Keeping Social Icons above the Fold

Social Icons

Successful positioning of social icons and social media share buttons Is an Important factor when it comes to Web Home Page.  

There are basically two types of social media icons available right now: profile links and share buttons and where do you place them?

But keeping Social Icons( profile Links) in the Home page Hero section is one of the mistakes you make. 

This is because, when a Visitor comes to your website Via social  ads , social media Or Paid search they are Indeed looking for something they want or need. 

When you place the social Icons( Profile Links) on the homepage it draws them away from your site and takes them back to the social network. And your website mostly won’t see them back.

How to Fix them?


Keep your social Icons( Profile Links) in the footer section and In the Blogs section you can place Share Buttons In the side or on the Bottom of the blog. 

So, when the new user is done with the whole homepage , goes to the footer and can check your Social presence Or If he/she is on your Business Blogs they can share if they want to.

Pro Tip:

Social profile Link– Place them in the Footer section of your Home page and other sales Pages Like Service pages and so on…

Social Share Buttons : Place them On Blogs section , In the Side bar or at the end of the Blog.This makes the user share your Article in their social Media account.

Pro Tip: USP

Your home page is one of the most important pages on your website, as visitors often see the first page when they land on your site. 

The copy on your home page needs to be duplicated when it comes to connecting visitors to and directing them to other pages on your site. 

I recommend that your USP front and centre be positioned so that visitors are told immediately of what you do.

Not communicating A compelling value proposition

What is a Unique Selling Proposition?

A unique selling proposition is a positioning statement made by brands that distinguishes them from their competitors. 

In other words, compared to other brands in your niche, your USP is a declaration of what makes you special.

What a Unique Selling Proposition Is not!!

A unique selling proposal is not a tagline, nor does it apply to specific marketing offers, such as “free shipping,” “40 percent off,” “buy one, get one free” or “24/7 customer service.”  and so on…

While these offers may be attractive, they are not unique to your brand, as they can easily be copied by your competitors.


Too many Testimonials or Lack of it!

Testimonials raises the rate of conversion. What’s the advantage? 

By acting as third-party support, they create confidence and cause the conformity bias among the new users.

In this way, testimonials are an important form of social proof. Social proof is one of two types of evidence( Other being case studies) you can include on your website. 

However,  Too many of them Or too few of them is not advisable. When it comes to things like testimonials and case studies, the consumers are growing just as weary about the truthfulness of the praise. So Keep it short and simple so that it looks Legit.


Pro Tip: Social proof

What’s neat about this option is that you can get creative with how you mix and match your social proof.

Lack of Variety of Contact Details

Many visitors to your website might want to contact you in different ways. For Instance, some may want to call you, some may want to email Your business asking for more Info. 

Some may want to chat over zoom and so on… If your Homepage do not have  many types  contact details , You miss out on new users who might be confused on where and How  to contact you for Business as per their  preferred method..

So, How do we Fix IT?


1. Provide your main Contact detail above the fold for Instance Your Ph Number.

2. Also, Provide secondary contact details  like scheduling chat time via Calendar, enquiry form, email id etc across the Homepage.

This makes the customer choose his/her preferred way of Communicating with you.

Pro Tip

People contact a company for all sorts of reasons: a product/service issue, interest in working with your business, or even an interest to work at your company.

When you receive a bunch of contact emails, it can be hard to filter through and properly direct each email to the right representative. 

But, with a contact form, redirecting can be done in the blink of an eye!

If you ask visitors their reason for contacting your company, each response field can redirect to a certain team or team member – no inbox filtering necessary.

Using sliders on the hero section


If you want your website to sell, any movement or animation which is not triggered by the user will be distracting them from taking the target action. 

The main reason NOT to use a complex slider is that it is hiding important information inside the slide show.

 Users are already used to scrolling, they quickly glance at the first screen to figure out what the page is about and move on. And autoplay slider is too annoying.

Pro Tip

If you can, avoid using Image sliders on the hero section. Don’t follow the (waning) fad. Follow the money instead. 

Not having Branded Newsletter


A newsletter is a great way for you to get to know your readers – and for them to get to know you. It’s also a way for you to connect and showcase the very best of your brand + promote what you have to offer. 

However, Don’t Just put it out as Newsletter, per se Many users are not keen on. Instead make it more Branded specific to your Business or the niche.


How to Fix them? 

  1. Come up with a game plan, an intention, a purpose for your newsletter that is the very best way to communicate your brand story and connect with your dream clients.
  2. Plan out a design that would work best for accomplishing #1.
  3. Go in and design something using your brand visuals and marketing message.

Pro Tip

The DESIGN of your newsletter and have it be on brand and consistent with all of your other visuals.

Your Brand Story is told in a way that’s compelling, useful, inspiring, and/or entertaining for your person. So that they will want to open up. 

Lack of Clear headline


One goal of a headline is to build a rapport between you and the reader. 

Not all companies have great headlines. Many headlines sucked or were absent entirely. A headline does not make or break a business however nailing it can help a lot. 

Pro Tip 

When creating a headline, make sure if you can answer “yes” to both of these questions:

  • Imagine your website would be just your headline and a call to action (e.g., sign up, learn more, call now, etc). Would anyone take action based on your headline?
  • Would you use the exact wording of your headline in a conversation with a friend to explain your product/service? 

What’s your Business?

Not making it clear of what you do

Your website Homepage clearly answer “Who I am,” “What I do,” and/or “What can you (the visitor) do here.” Who is this Business suitable for and so on…

Pro Tip

The best sales funnels build consumer trust and business authority. Two of the main keys for creating a thriving business,

“The best sales questions have your expertise wrapped into them.”

Top 10 Homepage Mistakes


These are just a few examples of common mistakes people make on the homepage of their website.

However, please be aware that we’ve barely scratched the surface!

If you’d like us to tell you what costly mistakes you’re making on YOUR website, then book a website critique and receive a 30-minute, personalised video.

Wrapping Up!

Have you encountered any of these mistakes on your website? Or, is there anything you think we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below…

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