Why is wordpress so slow to edit-Must Know Info

"Every time I make a change to the site within the editor, It takes forever and often times out before change can be made" . This is the most Often rant i hear from many WordPress website users. Why is wordPress so slow to edit?
"Every time I make a change to the site within the editor, It takes forever and often times out before change can be made" . This is the most Often rant i hear from many WordPress website users. Why is wordPress so slow to edit?

Why is WordPress so slow to edit [Must Know Info]

“Every time I make a change to the site within the editor, It takes forever and often times out before change can be made” . This is the most Often rant I hear from many WordPress website users.

These changes can be from changing the price to a product or adding attributes, and any minor edit was taking just a minute or 2 to update or publish. 

It is taking a whole day to do what should take 30 min.

In this Blog we will look at what are the reasons for this . So, why is your WP website is -Too slow to edit site effectively?

Render-Blocking JavaScript


If you look at the screen grab of our own test on the website, you’ll notice that this issue came up first. 

It occurs when your browser attempts to render a page and encounters a script that it must execute in order to proceed. 

This adds to the load time and can result in a slow website.

External scripts have an effect on the load time of the resource being downloaded. 

This may result in the browser attempting to load multiple times. External widgets, such as those for Twitter or Facebook, or embedded scripts are examples of these types of scripts. 

The simplest solution is to address this with a few lines of code, but each website is unique.

Your Host could be the culprit


Not Picking the right hosting plan is one of the bad choices you’ll make for your website. 

Since your web host is where your site lives, it will do a lot to determine your site’s speed, performance, and how well it can cope with high traffic.

When you accesses your site, your host’s server will determine how quickly information is passed . Some servers are simply slow. 

Alternately, your plan might cap your maximum speed or allowed server resources. In short, your site can never be faster than the server permits.

The reason this method is listed first is that a poor-quality hosting plan can effectively nullify all your other speed-enhancement efforts. 

Even if you optimize your site for speed, it won’t make much difference if your server is slow or your plan is inadequate.

Of course, it’s possible that one of the reasons WordPress is so slow isn’t your fault. 

Your web host (Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage, etc.) may be skimping on the amount of speed they provide, making it nearly impossible to reduce your website’s WordPress server response time.

The two most prevalent types of hosting are as follows:

Shared or Virtual Hosting – These are servers that are part of a larger community and are used to host multiple websites, including yours. 

This means that during peak times, your website is competing with every other website on the server for the fastest possible delivery to your visitors. 

Additionally, this type of hosting makes it easier for another user on your server to hack your site. 

Although there are some reputable providers here, such as SiteGround, you should always exercise caution when hosting on shared servers.

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting – This is a dedicated server that is solely for you and your website. 

Its processing power and resources are dedicated exclusively to you, which increases the cost. However, it will be more secure and faster.

Quality of Your Theme and Pluggins


There is a widespread misconception that having a large number of plugins installed will cause your site to slow down. What is the truth? 

The quantity of plugins is irrelevant; what matters is their quality. Additionally, security, SEO, and e-commerce plugins tend to consume more resources, as they add additional code and functionality to your site. 

As a result, it’s critical to conduct research on the plugins you’re using and ensure they’re not consuming more resources than necessary.

Even WordPress themes can have an effect on your site’s performance. Numerous themes may advertise themselves as “optimised” or “fast loading” when they are neither.

Certain themes include unnecessary functionality or require additional files to function, which can also affect your site’s performance.

Selecting well-coded themes and high-quality plugins requires extensive research. 

Check user reviews and ratings, the developer’s update history, and the tool’s compatibility with your version of WordPress.

Adhering to these straightforward criteria will assist you in ensuring that you do not instal anything on your site that will cause it to slow down.

WordPress is Outdated


It can be inconvenient to be prompted to update WordPress several times a week. 

This frequently includes plugins, themes, and even the content management system itself. 

While this can be inconvenient and may even cause the site to crash when incompatible items are updated, it may be worthwhile.

A slow response time can be caused by out-of-date tools, which can be resolved with a single click. 

These types of upgrades frequently include enhancements, and many of them focus on performance. If in doubt, run a speed test prior to and after updates.

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Your Page Builder Like Elementor or Divi


Yes. A page builder will slow down a WordPress website. It would be naive to say no. And, no. It’s not a myth.

WordPress page builders generate code—HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL. Page builders need to be coded themselves, and they rely on other code just to run (i.e. more bloat on your server and network). 

Code needs space, memory, IO, and network communications. All these things affect performance. They take time and resources.

Even the top WordPress page builders realise they must provide ways throttle their own builder’s performance (bloat/overhead). 

Responsible page builder authors are constantly performance tuning their products.

The speed with which your website loads can have a direct impact on your ability to convert visitors into new customers and fans. 

When your site is delivered quickly to visitors, you give everyone an equal opportunity to engage with your content.

Additionally, Google considers page loading speed and server response time when ranking your website.

However, if you do not reduce server response time and your website takes two or more seconds to load (including your dashboard), you will provide a suboptimal experience to your visitors, and many will leave before your website has finished loading. 

Therefore, if your website takes longer than a few seconds to load on your laptop, phone, or tablet, you may have some work to do to speed up the loading process.

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