Discover why some Agencies do not pitch for new projects and why pitching for projects is faulty

We’ll tell you why we don’t pitch for work. And what we do instead of Pitching.

The pitch process typically unfolds as follows; a client draws up a brief, based on which the design firm gets to work. 

After a way too short a period of time, we are supposed to present the result. 

This is not the feature of a typical design path. In reality, a design journey is focused on strong coordination between customer and organisation, which includes meetings at key times to deliver a result that appeals to both parties. 

The process of consultation and adaptation is entirely bypassed with a pitch. 

No wonder the result of a pitch ends up as ‘just not the desired outcome’ and the agency may simply start over after it won a pitch.

Imagine a scenario : You want to Increase Traffic to your website and you decide that you need SEO.   

And  You decide to get help,So,  you want to employ an external Marketing company.  Then what  will you be  doing?   You ask a few  SEO Agencies and Digital marketing Agencies  to “pitch” their services.   

They visit your office , and indeed they are  prepared to impress. 

There are attempts to dazzle you with a fancy Powerpoint  , they provide Information about all things they do and expertise in. 

Now, you’re analysing which Agency you like the best that you want to hire. It’s a process that happens all over the world every day. 

And in this blog post, we’re going to tell you why it’s deeply incorrect.

We’ll tell you why we don’t pitch for work. And what we do instead of Pitching for our new projects.

1. We firmly Believe Businesses actually Don’t Want Sales Pitch—They Want Solutions.

We very well understand every interaction point with new  customers will have with us in the course of doing business We Look for points of differentiation. 

We Look for opportunities to make life easier for our customers. 

Look for ways you can support our customers’ success with our services. 

We Tell the story that helps them understand why we are the right partner and why our services are the solutions they need.

We’ve seen companies spend tens of thousands of years redesigning websites, when they actually needed to invest in content marketing and Leads generation strategy.

We’ve seen companies invest in website copywriting, but the design is so poor that they don’t find it as trustworthy and efficient. 

We want to work with the right companies. In fact, we want to help companies and deliver a good return on investment (because, let’s face it, nobody wants unhappy clients, right?)To do this, our skills and expertise cannot be presented to all. 

Because we don’t know whether we fit each other the right way. We just need a talk (yeah, that’s it again). 

Both parties can find out if we fit well by having a conversation. And if we can help you, we can identify. Or if not, we may be able to point you in the right way.

2. Don’t get us wrong, It’s nothing to do about our Ego

We would like to clarify that this does not come from our ego. 

We don’t think we’re any better off than other firms. We’re not keeping our noses in the air, thinking, ‘Eugh, pitching!?. 

That’s way too beneath us.” The reason we’re not pitching for work is that pitching isn’t the right option for us. More importantly, this isn’t the right thing for you and your Business .

Getting companies/Agencies to “Pitch” is not the best way for you to find the “right company” for your business needs .  

Why? You ask? Well, we’re going to run through the reasons why we’re not going to pitch. And why do you need to consider another process when hiring companies to work with?

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3.Pitches cost a great deal of money and working hours.

Pitches cost a lot of money and many hours of work. Those Hours we would rather focus on building customers who actually committed to working with us already on projects. 

Since winning the pitch, the time and resources we spend in a pitch will never be recovered.

As Digital marketers and web designers, we flourish on the challenge of problem-solving – it’s at the heart of everything we do. In the case of pitching for free, this raises two issues for us.

Firstly, we are presenting ideas that we hope will win over the client, but won’t necessarily solve the actual problem that needs answering. 

The pitching process very rarely,  gives you the kind of client consultation required to gain the insight necessary to carry out a robust Marketing process. 

Pitching is less about rationale, research and creativity and more about blind intuition and the art of ‘guessing’ what will impress the client. 

By its nature, it’s a very superficial exercise that produces very shallow results.

Secondly, we are being asked do it for free. 

Think about that for a minute. For the chance to be selected, you are asked to come up with great creative ideas – your primary product – for no pay, so a client can effectively taste a few samples and see what they like best. 

In doing so, we massively undersell what it is we do, devaluing the real cost of good digital marketing and web design.

4. Your brief needs discussions and consultaions

Imagine a situation when you see a dentist, You give them a list of symptoms and rely on them to diagnose what’s wrong with your set of teeth. 

When you see a mechanic on your car’s fault, you tell them the problems, and they’re going to find out what’s wrong with it. 

However, when you give your ‘brief’ to the digital marketing agency, you’ve already diagnosed your own problems. 

And you’ve come up with a solution already.

A perfect example of this is Search Engine Optimisation(SEO). 

A lot of companies want SEO to help them get more traffic and search rankings. 

But, As a matter of fact, what is needed is to improve the user experience Or the Content of their website before they do anything.

Instead of pitching on the basis of your brief (which is based on you diagnosing of your own problems!). 

We will have a conversation about your website issues with you. Then we come up with some ideas about how you’d best deal with those issues. 

And we’re doing this in an unbiased way. We do offer to  help many times. However, Sometimes another company is better suited to what you need. Either way, you’ve got a full understanding of what you need and your next steps. 

5.Pitching is all About us dazzling You!

But this isn’t about us. 

At least, it’s not supposed to be.It should be about You and your Business.

When a company comes to you to Pitch, it’s all about them. It’s all about their experience, their team, their past projects, their ideas and their successful projects.

They want to “dazzle” you, charm you, and to convince you that they are best fit for  your company. 

They’re presenting a sleek power point and showing off their many awards. But is this really the best way for you to see if this company is right for your business? 

Well, we don’t think so. 

Because when you come to choose a company, you need to be focused on you – on your business and what you want to achieve. 

You need a company that asks you series of questions (not the other way around)

Essentially, you’ve got to be in the spotlight. Only then can the company really help you.

Now, it doesn’t mean that, saying all that, we’re not talking at all to you! As we have already said, what we do is “talk” to you. We will ask you a lot of questions (and you can also ask us questions), and we will provide you with the best advice on how to proceed.

Wrapping up note to you

Our Advice is to Choose a few web design agencies which appeal to you. Speak about the your requirement and their process . 

Listen to them , ask Questions and see if they can give you new ideas and a real added value. 

Ask them how they handle the other projects, how they solve the issues, and so on.   

As an organisation, ask how they will deliver and what would the cost of implementing your project to a strategic level.

Pitching is still the standard for many organisations. This is how you can see what a firm can do. It’s safe and secure for you. 

You save and you want to spend money wisely. But the easiest way to find the right enterprise is not pitching.

We hope we’ll have a chat and find out more about you and your company if we sent this blog post to you. After all, the attention is on you

We will decide whether we are the right organisation and, if we are, we will make a proposal together. 

If we don’t suit, we’ll give you some advice about how to move further and which companies can support your Business.

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